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Posted on: January 3, 2009 10:00 am

free agent destinations.. or at least my opinion

as i sit here bored at work and mulling over baseball and free agency i thought id rank the top 20 remaining free agents and try and rpedict where i think they'll end up


1. bobby abreu- Angels

2. pat burrell- Orioles

3. Milton Bradley- Cubs

4. Adam Dunn- Nationals

5. Manny ramirez- Dodgers

6. orlando hudson- Mets

7. Ben Sheets- Rangers

8. Derek Lowe- Mets

9.  Orlando Cabrera- orioles

10. Oliver Perez- Brewers

11. Joe Crede- Giants

12.  John Garland- White Sox

13. Jason Giambi- Oakland A's

14. Andy Petiite- Yankee's

14. Garret Anderson- Padres

15.  Randy Wolf- Orioles

16. Ivan Rodriguez- Nationals?

17. Tim Redding- Rockies

18. Jason Varitek- Red Sox

19. Cliff Floyd- Rays

20. Freddy Garcia- Pirates


who knows if any of these turn out correct but i thought id jus have a go at it.. who knows even if any one will read this

if you do id appreciate your feedback

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