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defensive positional rankings! jus my opinion...

you may care or agree with my opinions on who the top five players are at each defensive position but im bored so might as well... im includin OLB's from 3-4 defenses as OLB's even though many are just glorified DE's. and i will only have one category for the safety position, rather than having a free safety and strong safety category.. heres goes nothing...

 Defensive ends:
1. John Abraham, Atlanta
2. Mario Williams, Houston
3. Justin Tuck, NY Giants
4. Richard Seymour, New England
5. Dwight Freeney, Indianapollis

Honourable mentions: Jared Allen (Minnesota) and Patrick Kearney (Seattle)

Defensive Tackles
1. Albert Haynesworth
2. Shaun Rodgers
3. Kevin Williams
4. Tommie Williams
5. Darnell Dockett

Honourable mentions: Marcus Stroud (Buffalo) and Casey Hampton (Pittsburg)

1. Patrick Willis, San Francisco
2. Brian Urlacher, Chicago
3. Jon Beason, Carolina
4. Ray Lewis, Baltimore
5. Barrett Ruud, Tampa Bay

Honourable mentions: DeMeco Ryan (Houston) and Lofa Tatupu (Seatle)

1. DeMarcus Ware, Dallas
2. James Harrison, Pittsburg
3. Julian Peterson, Seatle
4. Joey Porter, Miami
5. Shawne Merriman, San Diego

honourable mentions: Lance Briggs (Seattle) and Thomas Howard (Oakland)

1. Troy Polamalu, Pittsburg
2. Ed Reed, Baltimore
3. Bob Sanders, Indianapollis
4. Tanard Jackson, Tampa Bay
5. Adrian Wilson, Arizona

Honourable mention: O.J. Otogwe (St. Louis) and Kerry Rhodes (NY Jets)

1. Champ Bailey, Denver
2.nmadi Osumagha, Oakland
3. Charles Woodson, Green Bay
4. Ronde Barber, Tampa Bay
5. Cortland Finnegan, Tennessee

Honourable Mentions: Antoine Winfield (Minnesota) and Terrence Newman (Dallas)
   Team Count:

Arizona: 2 (Wilson and Dockett)
San Francisco: 1 (Willis)
St. Louis: 1 (Otogwe)
Seattle: 3 ( Tatupu, Kearney and Peterson)

Carolina: 1 (Beason)
Tampa Bay: 3 (Ruud, Jackson and Barber)
New Orleans: 0
Atlanta: 1 ( Abraham)

Chicago: 3 (Harris, Briggs and Urlacher)
Minnesota: 3 ( Williams, Allen and Winfield)
Green Bay: 1 (Woodson)
Detriot: 0

NY Giants: 1 (Tuck)
Philly: 0
Dallas: 2 ( Ware and Newman)
Washington: 0

New England: 1 (Seymour)
NY Jets: 1 (Rhodes)
Buffalo: 1 (Stroud)
Miami: 1 (Porter)

Ravens: 2 (Lewis and Reed)
Cleveland: 1 (Rodgers)
Pittsburg: 3 (Harrison, Hampton and Polamalu)
Cincinatti: 0

Tennessee: 2 (Hanyesworth and Finnegan)
Houston: 2 (Williams and Ryan)
Jacksonville: 0
Indy: 2 ( Freeney and Sanders)

San Diego: 1 (Merriman)
Kansas City: 0
Oakland: 2 (Osumagha and Howard)
Denver: 1 (Bailey)

thats all, might do offensive or special team positional rankings sometime, dunno when though.. thanks and appreciate any feedback..
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general musings..

Quick piece of advise, this is my first ever blog. Could be great, probably not.

I thought it would be best for me to start off with just writing a few general thoughts that have been bouncing around my for the last few days..
                    Latroy Hawkins is a bum, he goes down in the same category at chuck knoblach (correct spelling anyone??), shouldnt be in professional sports or at least not in a major market region such as new york as he is incapable of handling any type of pressure what so ever.. even when he pitches well as he did last night against the blue jays he is even more infuriating. someone who can be so bad shouldnt be able to look as good as he does on occasion when the yanks are either down by at least four or up by four as was the case last night..( Reds fans, i think this may be similar emotions to how you feel about corey pattercrap).

Im feeling critical at the moment so ill continue with the negative theme.
                                    I have been living in ireland for the past 8 years and as a avid supporter of rugby (munster and ireland) and football (giants) and i constantly am peppered with questions on the reason for the incessant poor tackling technique. watch a game a rugby and you will witness truely perfect tackling form. it appears the main problem seems to be the would be tackler not wrapping his arms and just going in with his shoulder which is all well and good for the odd big hit but you will suffer from far too many broken tackles, as i learned the hard way beginning my rugby career. just something that seems simpler to solve that it actually is im sure but w/e.. Anyway thats all for now, ill continue later, thanks for listening and id appreciate some feedback
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