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Posted on: January 3, 2009 10:00 am

free agent destinations.. or at least my opinion

as i sit here bored at work and mulling over baseball and free agency i thought id rank the top 20 remaining free agents and try and rpedict where i think they'll end up


1. bobby abreu- Angels

2. pat burrell- Orioles

3. Milton Bradley- Cubs

4. Adam Dunn- Nationals

5. Manny ramirez- Dodgers

6. orlando hudson- Mets

7. Ben Sheets- Rangers

8. Derek Lowe- Mets

9.  Orlando Cabrera- orioles

10. Oliver Perez- Brewers

11. Joe Crede- Giants

12.  John Garland- White Sox

13. Jason Giambi- Oakland A's

14. Andy Petiite- Yankee's

14. Garret Anderson- Padres

15.  Randy Wolf- Orioles

16. Ivan Rodriguez- Nationals?

17. Tim Redding- Rockies

18. Jason Varitek- Red Sox

19. Cliff Floyd- Rays

20. Freddy Garcia- Pirates


who knows if any of these turn out correct but i thought id jus have a go at it.. who knows even if any one will read this

if you do id appreciate your feedback

Posted on: July 16, 2008 4:25 am

general musings..

Quick piece of advise, this is my first ever blog. Could be great, probably not.

I thought it would be best for me to start off with just writing a few general thoughts that have been bouncing around my for the last few days..
                    Latroy Hawkins is a bum, he goes down in the same category at chuck knoblach (correct spelling anyone??), shouldnt be in professional sports or at least not in a major market region such as new york as he is incapable of handling any type of pressure what so ever.. even when he pitches well as he did last night against the blue jays he is even more infuriating. someone who can be so bad shouldnt be able to look as good as he does on occasion when the yanks are either down by at least four or up by four as was the case last night..( Reds fans, i think this may be similar emotions to how you feel about corey pattercrap).

Im feeling critical at the moment so ill continue with the negative theme.
                                    I have been living in ireland for the past 8 years and as a avid supporter of rugby (munster and ireland) and football (giants) and i constantly am peppered with questions on the reason for the incessant poor tackling technique. watch a game a rugby and you will witness truely perfect tackling form. it appears the main problem seems to be the would be tackler not wrapping his arms and just going in with his shoulder which is all well and good for the odd big hit but you will suffer from far too many broken tackles, as i learned the hard way beginning my rugby career. just something that seems simpler to solve that it actually is im sure but w/e.. Anyway thats all for now, ill continue later, thanks for listening and id appreciate some feedback
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